Carl Hewlett

Article text
Carl’s interest in photography began when he bought a new camera for a trip to Australia. His passion grew further and after studying professional photography at City of Westminster College and the University of Westminster, Carl joined the Stroud News & Journal in 2010, where he covered a vast array of news stories, sporting fixtures and magazine features. He joined TWM in the summer of 2013 to further his career.

Most memorable assignment:

Being strapped to the back of a lorry in front of the Olympic torch bearers running through Stroud. The streets were lined with 20,000 spectators all hoping to get a glimpse of the flame. 10 minutes of once-in-a-lifetime madness.

3 things you don’t know about Carl:

Lives in a 19th century cloth mill.

Used to have flying lessons and hopes to take it up again in the future.

Once sold a pair of shorts to Sir Michael Parkinson.